Light Orange Bracelet


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Beads By Empkuni.


Every purchase of this item provides food, clean water, school supplies and clothing for a child in need for one month.


All jewelry is handmade by the Maasai women in the community of Empukani, Kenya. The Maasai people are a nomadic tribe that inhabit most of northern, central and southern Kenya as well as northern Tanzania. They are most known for their consistent Maasai customs as well as their colorful and distinct jewelry. The skill of beading has been passed down from generation to generation in this Maasai community for 1,000 years. Currently, Kenya is experiencing the worst drought in 80 years. Many men and women are unable to provide for their families during this difficult time. Your purchase of jewelry helps empower the women in this community to provide for themselves and their families and fight back against the drought. Each piece is handmade, size and color will vary.